St Joseph's Rotherhithe

Our Prayer Areas

Our Prayer Garden is an inviting space where our children joyfully connect with their spirituality. This sacred area is instrumental in bringing us closer to God, offering a place for quiet reflection and communal prayer during lunchtime. The shared experience of prayer has become a beautiful and integral part of our school community.

Emphasising our commitment to spiritual growth, our children are actively learning the prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This meaningful practice not only deepens their faith but also cultivates a personal connection to the compassionate heart of Jesus.

At St. Joseph's, we integrate Catholic Social Teaching principles, instilling values of justice and compassion in our pupils. Our Prayer Area stands as a tangible expression of this commitment, harmonising spiritual development with social responsibility.


Mary's Garden

At St Joseph’s we are very lucky to have our own Mary’s Garden. 


 The purpose of this garden is to encourage children to learn about Mary and honour her in their own way.
Mary’s Garden is an outdoor space dedicated to Mary, the Mother of God. This space connects us to Jesus through Mary’s intercession and God the Father through his creation. Mary’s Garden inspires prayer, peace, love, and creativity.
The Faith Leaders are responsible for the garden. The children as well as the parents are encouraged to Come and Pray with Mary…