St Joseph's Rotherhithe



Year 3's visit to the Paper Garden

On Friday 1st March, Year 3 were lucky enough to visit the Paper Garden, a short walk to the Printworks buildings. Steeped in history, the printworks are where the majority of newspapers in London were printed during the 20th century. It has now been converted into, amongst other things, a space for the local children in Southwark schools to go and be immersed in artistic activities and stories involving nature, and the opportunity to contribute to the growth of the Paper Garden itself. 

We listened to a story about a man who didn't like nature very much at all. Everything disappeared for him, as he didn't take a moment to appreciate those things around him. We took a moment to appreciate the nature that we have here in London and further afield in the UK. 

We then made tiles, using imprints from different leaves and plants, which will be used to adorn the walls of the Paper Garden when they are finished!