St Joseph's Rotherhithe

Speech and Language

We run Speech and Language groups four days a week in school and work with select children from reception class through to year five. These group sessions last from ten minutes to half an hour a week depending on the children’s age. The groups are put together so that we have a small group of children of a similar age together and we see each group once a week.

The speech and language groups are for children who require some extra support with their speech, language and understanding development. For these sessions activities are planned around the children’s targets from the speech and language therrapist and anything that the teachers, or sometimes parents of the child, feel that they may need some work on.

Some children that we work with also receive some support from Southwark services outside of the school environment. As well as working with the children to help develop their speech/language skills, each term a Speech therapist from Southwark comes in and assesses certain children’s development and also gives them targets which we help them work towards.