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St Joseph's RC Primary School

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Gandhi Class

Hello, and welcome to Gandhi Class’ page!

I am Ms. Clarke and I am the Year 5 teacher. I shall be working alongside Miss Medcalf this year.

Homework is given out every Friday, and is to be submitted by Wednesday. Please do let me know in advance of Wednesday if you have encountered any problems, so that we can work together to solve them. Reading every night is a vital part of improving a child's performance in school, and I look forward to hearing all about the stories that have captured year 5's imagination.

We have two tests a week. Spellings are given out on Monday to be learned by Friday, and we also have a mental maths test on Friday to make sure our times and division tables are up to scratch.

If you want to know about the topics we will be covering in the curriculum this year, you can find them on the term page.

PE is on Wednesday and Friday, please ensure that your child's kit is in school throughout the week so that we can take advantage of guest teachers, good weather, and other opportunities for sport and fitness that will occur throughout the term. 



Year 5 Summer

In Literacy we will be writing debates and making use of our oratory skills, later on in the year we will also sharpen our pens to write exciting adventure stories!


In Numeracy we will be covering the National Curriculum and focusing on multiple step problem solving.  


 In RE we will be learning about the relationship between freedom and responsibility as well as the joy of our Universal Church. We'll also learn about Islam and the festival of Ramadan.


 Our Class Topic is: Beast Creator


In Geography we will be learning about the countries and habitats that are home to the world's deadliest minibeasts and using our map-making skills to record the locations in our school where we can find invertebrates of our own!


In Science we will be studying invertebrates, the category that makes up 90% of the creatures on this planet! We will learn about their life cycle and the importance of their contribution to our eco-systems.


In DT we will be constructing minibeasts of our own, designed to be as deadly and efficient as possible!


In ICT we will use multimedia tools to report on our findings and even use art software to help us design creatures of our own!


In PE we will be working on a range of invasion games, improving our team work and practicing a range of sporting skills. Our PE days will be on Wednesday and Friday.


In addition there will be French lessons taking place on Thursday.