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Gandhi Class


Hello, and welcome to Gandhi Class’ page!

I am Ms. Clarke and I am the Year 5 teacher.

Homework is given out every Friday, and is to be submitted by Wednesday. Please do let me know in advance of Wednesday if you have encountered any problems, so that we can work together to solve them. Reading every night is a vital part of improving a child's performance in school, and I look forward to hearing all about the stories that have captured year 5's imagination.

We have two tests a week. Spellings are given out on Monday to be learned by Friday, and we also have a mental maths test on Friday to make sure our times tables are up to scratch.

If you want to know about the topics we will be covering in the curriculum this year, you can find them below.

PE is on Thursday, please ensure that your child's kit is in school.

I am very excited for the year ahead, and look forward to getting to know you all in the coming months.



In Literacy we will be writing adventure stories and working to build excitement and action into our writing. We will also write explanation texts and allow the children to show off their knowledge about a range of interesting topics. Finally the children will learn to write debate texts on a number of topics, a valuable skill in all walks of life!

In Geography we will be learning all about the Local Area, and focusing on the human geography and mapping.

In History we will be going back to early Britain and discovering what life was like for the  Anglo-Saxons.

In Numeracy we will be covering the National Curriculum and focusing on multiple step problem solving.

 In RE we will be learning about the different challenges and responsibilities facing the children in the future with our topic on Reconciliation as well as the importance and symbols of the Pentecost

In Science we will roll up our sleeves and become biologists! We will be learning all about life cycles of plants and animals and how this relates to a range of species! In addition we will take a look at a very familiar animal with: the Human Life Cycle.

In Art we will begin be learning to make Anglo-Saxon pots using ancient methods, and we will learn to draw and paint using perspective..

In Computing we will become bloggers and learn about how write about and share our ideas for internet content. We will also try our hand at becoming game developers and create fun adventures!

In PE we will be working on a range of invasion games as well as striking and fielding games.

In addition there will be French lessons taking place on Monday.